So yes, I’m a survivor of the evil horde.  I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatique, depression and  REM Sleep Behaviour disorder.  Between them, I have a dickens of a time getting that golden stage 4 of REM sleep.  You haven’t met them? Then my friend count your blessings and thank the Most High you haven’t.  They are hideous.  I invite you to search them out and learn about them.  Imagine being on a date with that special someone in your life and fighting fatigue and excrutiating pain.  You want to just focus on that love of your life, but you must fight pain and fatigue the whole time you are talking to them. Then you go to bed and the whole time you are sleeping you thrash around violently and act out your dreams.  When you wake up (assuming you haven’t been sleep walking and wake up in terror realizing you are not in your bed), you have swollen knuckles from hitting whatever happened to be near you.  And yes.. there it is.. that fatigue from fibro sleep.. leaving you more exhausted then when you went to bed.  As if that isn’t enough… you have the stabbing burning pain that has come with out cause, and that no energy feeling from cfs.  On top of that, you have this lingering depression that wont leave you alone, whispering in your ear telling you how worthless you are and robbing those special happy memories.  That is life with the Horde.  I’m not posting this to ask for sympathy or any special treatment..I’m posting this so that you can understand those in your life that fight with this day in and day out.  If any of the horde has invaded your life, I’m sorry that it happened, but know that you are not alone.  There are others and we are here for you.

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Life et al

So here we go.  My first blog entry and what do I say? The Trekkie in me wants to start out with “Captain’s log…”, the Whovian something more wibley wobley timey wimey, the thinking poet something timely and epic, and the frustrated anachronistic wants to just stare.  I am new to this whole thing, so bear with me if I have a rocky start.  It’s all my wife’s fault.  Seeing her blog got me curious.  It’s 16:38 on a manic Monday afternoon as I sit dispatching for the County SO.  I find myself wishing my shift were over, but I still have a ways to go.  Looking forward to being at home with my girls (ie wife and daughter).  They always know how to put me in a good mood. I wish there was more I could give them.  They deserve so much more than my hands can provide for them.  I wish I could give them every dream and desire they have on a silver platter adorned with roses and orchids.  So now it is 17:17 and my day is starting to end here at dispatch.   I know it is probably not the best first post, but here we are. Think I will sign off here and call it a day as my last couple hours wind down.  Good luck, G-d bless, so long, fair well,  ”and remember… Be safe out there.”

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